About Us



ARCOS is a research group that currently conducts research in several areas of HPC.
Our research activities are oriented to the development of new software for parallel and large-scale distributed systems. These activities cover the development and optimization of parallel applications
and distributed, in real time, reliable designs and high-performance computing, including cross-layer optimizations of HPC Storage I / O Stack, parallel file systems, acceleration of scientific workflow I / O, E-tuning Parallel / S based on machine learning, dynamic monitoring of HPC infrastructures, convergence of HPC and Bigdata software stacks, and elasticity of resource allocation in HPC and clouds.

In addition, ARCOS researchers are leading several European projects, such as COST Action IC1305 entitled “Network for ultra-sustainable sustainable computing” (NESUS), with more than 70 institutions from 40 countries around the world, or the REPARA and RePhrase projects that address the programmability for parallel systems with special attention to heterogeneous architectures.

Contact: Jesús Carretero