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Dean research group of the Department of Electronic Technology, consisting of researchers with multidisciplinary training, from Physical Sciences to Engineering of the Industrial and Telecommunications branches. This group has coordinated three European projects (FP5 MONOPLA, FP7 iPHOS and H2020 TERAmeasure), three research initiation networks (Marie Slodowska-Curie ITN, FALCON, MITEPHO and OILTEBIA) and participated as a partner in several other projects (ePIXnet, MIRIFISENS, TRIPOD).


He currently focuses his research activity developing optoelectronic systems. On the one hand, directed by Prof. Horacio Lamela, he highlights the development of biomedicine imaging, being pioneers in the development of the photo-acoustic technique, based on short pulses of light. On the other, directed by Prof. Guillermo Carpintero, the development of integrated photonic circuits stands out, being pioneers in the generation of high frequency signals (in millimeter and Terahertz range) for wireless broadband communications and sensors.


Contact: Guillermo Carpintero